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Heal. Thrive. Grow. 

A Center for Holistic Healing and Wellness

Welcome from MJ Allen

Founder, Owner, MS, C.MI.

I am so humbled and pleased you have found your way to our website!

Holistic and alternative therapies are both the art and science of healing that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. As experienced Coaches, Meditation Instructors, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Guides, Yoga Instructors, and Massage Therapists in Southern Maine, we integrate a range of   therapies to promote optimal health and wellness.

Why Holistic Wellness

Why Holistic Wellness?

It can help with

Flower Buds
Pain Relief

Pain relief is accomplished through muscle release during massage & sauna, magnesium increase through foot soaks,  and energetic & emotional shifts with Reiki & Hypnotherapy.


Among the most chronic of complaints, fatigue may be addressed through relaxation, breathwork, energy balance, & self-care in general.


Inflammation of joints caused by stress, toxins, and lack of movement is precisely why holistic health is a benefit.... alternative modalities work on multiple systems to reduce the impact of inflammation.


Flushing out toxins and clearing the byproducts of muscle metabolism through Foot Soaks, Sauna and Massage can result in reduced fatigue and improved stamina with accelerated injury healing.  


A strong immune system will help fend of colds, virus, and fight infections.  Massage, polarity, reiki all help with immunity


Stress affects us all in one way or another, but we all have to manage it.  Relaxation, breathing, imagery, massage, self-healing are all tools to manage stress and keep stress-hormone levels controlled.


"A beautiful space, an amazing host, an experience you must have! Already planning for my next visit"

— Barb C.

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