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Hey There! It's
Heidi Hoeckel

All About Heidi

Heidi is a licensed massage therapist and a Reiki Master.  She graduated from massage school 7 years ago in the holistic massage therapy program described as “a highly transformational program particularly suited for people to awaken and use their intuition as well as increase their understanding of the whole person.”  The program taught level 1 Polarity Therapy.  Heidi also took an intense 4-day oncology massage training and is able to help provide safe massage for those going through treatment.


Heidi provides relaxation massage and is able to work more deeply for chronic muscle tension.  Each customized session can include integration of polarity therapy and/or Reiki for ultimate rejuvenation.  Providing a relaxing place to help you find balance and well-being in your body, mind and spirit is the goal for each session. 





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